RSO Funding at the University of Chicago

Access to the RSO Funding website is based on your organization’s roster in Blueprint. Your Primary Contact, President, and Treasurer have access to your budget history and application as well as any of your members holding the “Budget Team” position. If you need access you should contact your RSO leadership and have them assign you the Budget Team position in the Blueprint roster. If you have difficulty managing your roster or other difficulty accessing the system you can contact your RSO Advisor.

Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC)

SGFC is a committee of Student Government that meets weekly from Fifth Week of Fall through the end of Spring Quarter (or until the fund is exhausted). It is designed to fund events and programs that come up during the year and were not previously funded through Annual Allocations in the previous Spring Quarter. You can request funds from this committee for an event or even a capital improvement.

Annual Allocations (AnnAl)

Every Spring Quarter Annual Allocations meets to review RSO budgets and allocate funds for events and programs for the upcoming school year. This fund typically reviews large, annual events that RSOs hold, but also reviews any budgets for events you have already planned for the upcoming year.

Summer SGFC

During the Summer, when SGFC is not convened, the SG Slate serves as the review body for budgets for events or programs occurring over the Summer or in the first five weeks of Fall Quarter before SGFC begins to meet. This process uses the same forms and guidelines as SGFC.

Community Service Fund (CSF)

Community Service RSOs or RSOs engaging in community service can apply to this fund to support event and programs that involve community partners. CSF holds its own twice quarterly allocations, and an annual process which will run through this site as part of Annual Allocations.